I know what many of you are thinking “What?”. I honestly have never heard of this term before either, until it became a huge concern in my life. I swear, I researched everything I could about this and ended up freaking myself out before doctors could even explain any of it to me. Ventriculomegaly is a brain condition where the lateral ventricles are enlarged. Anything over 10mm is considered to be enlarged. This can lead to different outcomes depending on the severity of the the enlarged ventricles.


I was on my way to my 20 week ultrasound. We were about to find out if we were having a boy or girl. This was a huge moment for us and nothing could ruin this day, right. Wrong. We were told to have a seat and we would be called back to speak to a doctor. At this point we had no idea what was going on. When we went back to talk to a doctor, she briefly explained that our babies ventricles were slightly enlarged and we would have to monitor through monthly ultrasounds. At this point in time the lateral ventricles were measuring 12mm. This meant that we were less than 2 over normal, which put us in the mild category. I went home that night crying because I did not know what was to come. It was that night that I found out how dangerous google can be. I researched my butt off trying to diagnose an outcome for our little guy. This left me feeling upset, scared, and alone. I felt like this for a month until we were able to go to our next appointment.

Going into this next appointment, I’ve never felt more scared. I knew that this appointment would determine if our little guys ventricles were going to be increasing or decreasing based on the one months time. We were then told that the brain ventricles increased from 12mm to 18mm which is considered to be very severe (anything over 15mm). What was even harder to hear was there was nothing we could do until birth besides continue to monitor. We were then referred to Mayo Hospital in Rochester, MN (the number one hospital in the United States). It would then take us a little over a month to be able to make an appointment, which meant a month of worry and heartache. Here we worked with fetal medicine to continue to monitor. Our first appointment was absolutely terrifying and intimidating to walk into, but we ended up get fantastic news. The ultrasound tech at our previous hospital mismeasured (she measured sideways rather than straight on), and the lateral ventricles were actually at 11mm and 12mm! Back to where we started.

The following trip to Rochester the ventricles stayed the same size, which was good that we weren’t moving in the wrong direction. But, one visit was exceptionally exciting. I was getting an ultrasound done and the ultrasound tech goes “hmmm….interesting”. Of course, I freaked out thinking the worst! She stated that the ventricles decreased in size an exceptional amount. The ventricles were now at 5mm and 6mm, putting our little boy in the normal range. I couldn’t believe it, the ventricles corrected themselves on their own! We spoke to our doctor who was happily surprised as well. We had one more appointment following and the ventricles ended up decreasing even more, our little fighter made a remarkable recovery.

I do believe it was through our prayers and those of friends and family that ended up pushing this little guy through. Although this isn’t the case for everyone, I am beyond thankful that we were blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby boy who is doing wonderful! We are so in love and obsessed with him!


08/28/17. 7lbs 4oz. 19in.